This Dataset search demo shows how the use of schema.org and structured data embedded in web pages allows for creating innovative and increasingly customised search experience.

This search engine returns pages that contain semantic markup describing one or more datasets of some kind. For example, searching for 'fire', 'parking' or 'unemployment' will find pages from publishers of datasets that relate to those topics. We have also customized the search results to surface various interesting properties of any datasets found.

The schema.org and Web standards communities are exploring ideas for going deeper into such datasets. At Google, the Public Data Explorer shows some of the things that can be achieved with well-described data. Already, certain Google queries such as india population give interactive statistical visualizations. The point of this demo is to show the kinds of schema.org descriptions of datasets that are available in the Web today, and to point to some ideas and discussions for improving such descriptions. It also shows of some of the new structured data capabilities of Google Custom Search.

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